Hair Straightening Services in Houston, TX

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Have you ever wished that your hair was smoother and had more shine? Spending too much time flat-ironing out frizzies after blowdrying? Our hair salon will have your hair looking smooth & sleek with or extensive hair straightening services.

The result is smooth hair that is nearly effortless to style! We recommend a haircut following your service to reshape your newly smooth look.

Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Thermal Reconditioning Straightner: $700+
Japanese Touch-Up: $550+

Move over harsh hair relaxers, there's a new kid on the block! "Thermal Reconditioning" gives women with excessively curly or frizzy hair a chance for a sleek, stylish do.

Recently developed in Japan and made from sugar proteins, this process will restructure hair on a molecular level. When this highly specialized protein is pushed into the hair's cortex it realigns the molecule's bonds, lasting up to 10 months. As an added bonus, conditioning molecules are also delivered in the hair for sleekness and shine.

This lengthy process (4-6 hours) utilizes a new heat guided tool equipped with a computer chip that recognizes the optimum heat/chemical balance for each individual, taking the guesswork and damage out of the process.

Sensia Studio & Japanese Day Spa, an innovative salon leading the beauty industry in Houston for 10 years, is the the first location outside of New York and California to offer this unique service.

Finally, a defense against bad hair days in Texas. Nature gave you your hair texture. Japanese science can make it better.

Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Keratin Treatment (formaldehyde-free): $300+

Is your hair damaged, dull, frizzy or unmanageable?

For people who have over processed chemically damaged hair, this process can smooth and condition the hair at the same time. The added strength, elasticity and moisture leaves hair smooth, soft, shiny and de-frizzed liked you've always dreamed of.

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